Allchlor Warranties

Allchlor manufactured cells have a 2 year full warranty and then 2 years pro-rata, if installed in a single domestic dwelling. Other installations are covered by a commercial, 1 year warranty.

We do however sell other brands of genuine parts, cells and systems. These items have warranties governed by their manufacturer. Generally, the following applies.

Zodiac & Davey, 1 year warranty
Astral/Hurlcon, 90 days warranty

Care & Proper Use. All the above warranties are dependant on proper installation & use, with water chemistry within recommended tolerances. Some common, no warrantable faults are shown below.

If you have purchased an item manufactured by us, or distributed by us, and feel that it has failed under warranty, then please complete the form under "Warranty Request" and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please also check the following non-warrantable faults


Compu-femalePoor electrical connection to a cell

A poor connection or deteriorated wiring causes heat, and heat can cause cell terminals to melt into the cap.  This inevitably then causes water leaks.

Check that connectors are not tarnished or loose.

Caps that melt as a consequence of this are NOT warrantable.


Excessive Calcium BuildUp

This can occur on both standard cells and "self cleaning" cells, due to water chemistry or power pack anomalies.

If this becomes excessive, cell clamps may break or plates may be damaged.

Calcium build up should be kept to a minimum with regular inspections and a dilute acid rinse when required.


Reverse Polarity

Standard (non-self cleaning) cells have a clearly marked positive & negative connection.  Changing these will cause irreparable damage to the cell, and in some cases may release black stains into the pool.


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