Swimming Pool Maintenance: How To Prepare Your Pool For Summer

Spring is here which means it’s time to throw back the pool blanket and start preparing your swimming pool for the demands of a checking pool chemistry | swimming pool maintenance | AllchlorBrisbane summer! Swimming pool maintenance is usually never too high on the priority list at this time of year but spending a little time now means you’ll be all set to open your pool as soon as the weather warms up.

If your usual sparkling, clear haven of cool blue has been replaced by a murky green swamp over the winter months, don’t fear! We have some simple swimming pool maintenance tips to get your pool ready for the summer swimming season.

Give It A Clean

Yes, you need to get your hands dirty and give it a good basic clean by emptying the skimmer baskets, cleaning the filter, brushing the walls and de-scaling your chlorinator cell of any calcium build up. It’s also a good idea to remove any nearby foliage from trees or bushes to stop it falling into the pool and causing further problems with your water balance and filter system.

Make sure you vacuum the debris that you have brushed off the pool walls and floor with your pool crawler.

Increase The Chlorine

You may need to ‘shock’ your pool with a large dose of chlorine to kill off the algae that has already developed. You can also increase the chlorine production rate via your chlorinator for a few days to ensure adequate chlorine is being produced to keep the pool properly sanitised and prevent further algae growth.

Balance The Water

If your water level has dropped during the winter months, top it up now and then run your pump for 24 hours before testing the pool water.

Check and adjust the pool chemistry and water balance including the pH levels of the pool water. Ensuring the pH levels are within the right range is the key to ensuring the free chlorine concentration is maintained and your pool is well sanitised.

Split Your Chlorinators Running Time

Run your chlorinator for a period in the morning and again in the evening rather than just one long period. As the weather gets warmer you’ll also want to increase the running time for each session. By the middle of summer you should be running it for 4 hours in the morning and again for 4 hours in the evening to maintain optimum pool health.

Spending a little time on swimming pool maintenance now preparing your pool for summer will mean that should the weather warm up quickly (as is usual in Brisbane) your pool will be ready and waiting to invite swimmers in for a refreshing dip!

Need help?

The team at Allchlor are here to help. If your swimming pool chlorinator needs repairing or you need a new chlorinator system to get you ready for summer, call in to our store or give us a call on 07 3277 2554. You can also bring your chlorinator cell and power pack in to us at Allchlor and we will run a chlorinator health check to make sure it’s working efficiently and effectively.

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