Chlorinator Health Check

chlorinator cell and power pack | saltwater chlorinator problemsIs your pool beginning to resemble a murky, green swamp? Have the local wildlife taken up residence? Or maybe you're just noticing a couple more algae spots than usual or the chlorine levels aren't quite as consistent. As well as providing repairs and replacement chlorinators, at Allchlor we can also diagnose saltwater chlorinator problems.

So if your swimming pool isn't looking as clean and sparkling at the moment, maybe it's time for a Chlorinator Health Check.

For just $50, we will run a complete diagnostic test on your chlorinator and let you know what's working and what's not.

Simply bring your chlorinator cell and power pack in and we'll test and make sure it's working efficiently.

And if your chlorinator requires any repairs or replacement, we'll credit your $50 towards the cost of getting it fixed.

What could be easier? Simply call in or give us a call to sort out your saltwater chlorinator problems.