Pool Cleaning Tips

How To Remove Mustard Algae From A Pool

pool steps with mustard algae | How to get rid of mustard algae | Allchlor

What was once an urban legend is now a real problem! More and more clients are telling us that they have noticed an odd sand-like substance in their pool. What is this pesky, yellow-looking stuff on the pool floor? Well you might actually have an outbreak of mustard algae, also known as yellow algae. In…

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Swimming Pool Maintenance: How To Prepare Your Pool For Summer

checking pool chemistry | swimming pool maintenance | Allchlor

Spring is here which means it’s time to throw back the pool blanket and start preparing your swimming pool for the demands of a Brisbane summer! Swimming pool maintenance is usually never too high on the priority list at this time of year but spending a little time now means you’ll be all set to…

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How To Avoid A Green Pool In Winter

frog in pool | how to avoid a green pool | Allchlor

As the weather turns cooler you may not be using your swimming pool quite as much or, if you’re like me, you may have closed your pool now for the winter months. How many of us have gone to jump in the pool as soon as the weather warms up only to find a murky…

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