Meet Allchlor

With over 27 years experience, we are Australia's leading manufacturer of pool chlorinators.

Allchlor is Australia’s leading manufacturer of pool chlorinator and after market saltwater chlorinator electrodes.

We have over 27 years experience repairing and manufacturing chlorinators and electrodes for the domestic swimming pool industry.

Our electrodes are constructed from the highest quality titanium. Built to endure harsh Australian summers, Allchlor products are durable and made to last.

At Allchlor we manufacture new saltwater chlorinator electrodes, repair faulty electrodes and supply parts for both saltwater chlorinators and liquid chlorine feeders.

Our products are distributed throughout Australia, France and the USA and we are currently expanding our distribution network worldwide.

We invite you to view our list and encourage all interested distributors of pool products to contact us.

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I received such GREAT service from Suzie & ALL the Staff today. I was happy that they had one, that was a later model & that I was familiar with. Their prices are VERY reasonable & I would certainly recommend them.

Pam Taylor

Glad to find old fashion service, with a local business. Chlorinator filled with ants that had taken out the PCB's. Unit repaired, good price, good service.

Des Diprose

Very professional, easy to deal with.

Lisa Miller